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twenty seconds to your park business program. forum dot com. this is special coverage of the biggest football event of the world cup france is currently one up against peru up to the first with becoming france's youngest ever goalscorer had a world cup. first game the day. point against but it wasn't without more control of the video assistant referee despite all that. i. am football followers from all over the world make a central street in moscow the unofficial heart of the world cup but the festivities in full swing.
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hello from moscow this thursday june the twenty first on call and. i'll have your other headline news a bit later in the program first and tell the world cup in russia and our special coverage of the tournament teams and groups see a day of getting the second games underway so live now to a. very good evening our welcome to. the downpour here. but it's nothing compared to the deluge of football action and analysis that is coming your way let's get right up to date with group c. class for. the second game of the day and the score was. one nil to france at half
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time this is how it happened french striker killian and a scoring from close range in the thirty fourth minute. hundred appearance for france eventually setting up a tap in for the nineteen year old who becomes about the frenzy youngest ever score at the world cup. now before that game through founds they were out in force in the city to cancer in bergen like other nations they've been giving a cultural twist to russia's unofficial world cup to show. well it's been thirty six years since proved last qualified for the world cups been a long way but they're making the most of it the fans have been turning out in huge numbers for this tournament the country's return was marred by a frustrating one the loss the denmark again they they need to turn things around very quickly this evening if they are going to keep their world cup dream alive.
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the french fans will be in more buoyant mood right now this is them earlier on the train to you can't remember where their team is playing at the moment france took world cup glory for the very first time twenty years ago that was back on home soil they did make the final of euro twenty sixteen but eventually lost out to portugal . and even when this one is finished and the still a lot of life in this match more action to come arguably the pick of the games on thursday heavyweights argentina and croatia all set for their group the encounter in nice may not go out coming up at nine pm moscow tied bodies peyser all over there for. some teams of monies to turn up with a lot more fans than their opponents gives them quite an advantage i would say on the neutral grounds how are things shaping up there how many how many argentina fans have you seen. well i think the argentine certainly have the age when it comes to numbers but i can tell you. fun save the bringing song and cola to the streets
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of nice new no is good old they all started arriving yesterday afternoon and they've been flooding into the city throughout today and they say it's a perfect evening for football he hard to believe we have thunder clouds overhead and we're on it looked like this one might have been played in the rain upon being a bit windy they going to be playing in perfect conditions for anything football game if you can. post very very competent that they going to get something from this game i spoke to some of them who were just outside of the found zone about how they found the tournament so far and what they expect to see from the game tonight . are. we are croatians from canada we've come this far and we've seen people from sydney australia from all over the world to succumb to support the team i think it's really amazing yeah yeah yeah. we think is fantastic
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the super and i'm just sorry that we came all this way and due to all these trips for a game that we only know the result so but never mind what really will be and that's maybe a result but you know the winner so it will be crazy for sure. but i restart. your are. they are you're here for her incredible really experience and with the work of some of the business and this insatiable bring the people of argentina to every place that are going to be some credible. neither one of these communities come to fruition i did you know nothing really going to. look into the much itself there's been an awful lot of focus on the city and talisman. heading into. this game he was misfiring figure swiftly on
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quite literally when it came to taking a pouncey in that opening game against iceland a loss of the argentinian funds trying their best not to show just how disappointed they really were with that result but they were expecting a lot from him and really he has to be the one that delivers if we look back to the qualifying campaign it was him let's go to college and tina to the stage in fact one of the best descriptions of the argentinian side of i've heard today is that the a team of pirates that plays with a magician they're expecting a physical encounter against the croatians and hoping for a bit of magic from messi butch croatia well they're having the best start to a world cup campaign in twenty years they looked very comfortable against nigeria in their opening game and to know when from the men and they also have their own midfield maestro madra chas the midfield the real madrid man has been central to all of their attacking play and he will be looking to upstage of course the boss
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alona mud magician for. tina it will be a physical encounter this both teams a big they're strong and they'll be looking to try and play a much in which they dominate their opponents physically and try and get the ball through to either one over there or the midfield is that all really the ones they're looking to for creativity it's going to be a tight want to be heard from the funds then they were all full of the yes we're going to win yes we're going to win yes we're going to win but when you spoke to them off camera well there's very quite there's a very nervy feeling if not an excited feeling about they smile it may well be one of the pics of the group stage argentina against croatia is coming up in just a couple of hours time i'll be bringing you all of the build the bowl of the build up reaction from open the funds alone over the next few hours. messi moderate to many more talents on the patient. going to be
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a great one to watch i look forward to updates from peter there now you might wonder why i am here in st petersburg when the football is being played elsewhere today in russia well there is some method to our apparent madness it's because this city will play host to one of the world cup favorites brazil are going to be here taking on costa rica tomorrow in the days early game to be a chance for the five times world champion. place in the knockout stages of world cup co-host josie marino i think casting his predictive eye over this one. brazil in costa rica costa rica is not just the team that did well in the past world cup is also a team that is very stable and just watch them play a friendly against scotland and i know organized but the force was there was full of dozens of creativity of the enemy. brazil is going to have many problems to get this through.
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and i want you to get a feel for st petersburg just like we had before setting up camp here in the cultural heart of russia i was treated to a warm northern welcome getting a taste of what lies ahead for brazil in costa rica fans coming here for tomorrow's game and the other big match is plenty more to come in this beautiful city. sure you know professional. i was lucky so how they get international kick about here i got very lucky that we got the funds from all over the world we got russia and azerbaijan. and gentle here from poland this is rough out now he explains why i'm doing this report today because the fans see how the tickets to watch the games even st petersburg you'd be watching poland did what most. folded up but he still
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wants to see st petersburg see the hematite see the sights so what does he do when he was told to leave the games they had the balls pubs restaurants around the city games being shown live everywhere where is the best place to go is the question take a look. at the first choice yes it's no secret i'm so chose it because it's popular resistance street it's out of those when the sun shines it's family friendly and there's a great atmosphere head and there's going to be a goal of the place to enjoy it. after the excitement of all the folks who think it located just outside the front so you could wind relax the gentle pull price and the funny side of the no. but maybe some of the sunshine fresh air besides you liking it so a little strange but i understand so let's head to auction to go to the pub.
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this is the way to enjoy the world cup football with a beer some chips. some salty is inspiring global cosmopolitan here. but singularly interesting golf is a clue in the night it's called a hundred yards beyond us because it's long. and it needs to be. constantly. misleading because it's not one hundred yards long it's three hundred meters long slow don't descend the well all you having. this is not the final and i think the most. odd thing. i
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spoke. to compensate some of the pot of the day this guy he's the pot and he's giving the to come in sure. you eat. these percy good this is the place for all the first string teas commentators among you know the guys the ones who just never shuts up while they gave his all. what if you don't do all the playing is how do you deal with that problem i said to be dilatory if i don't remember the name of the blair i just called him a key to. this so that was it sounds myers like keep him please make it past the bowl so if you want you can go in train noted i thank you but never going to. school so in the second of all the next illegal new polling say six five when someone put it to me last year anybody who's ever in the food area i highly
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recommend the show comes it clean i could have pulled out one of the most viewing things that people in the corner. to me please put things in the same. place publish position something. that's nice he's an englishman this is crazy it's a funny way i am a fan of you wait because you really champions league could not choose any patients limits just get it's my league. and. what was my report on things to do and places to go here in russia's northern capital back in moscow meanwhile there's one place soul of the football fans know to head to it's becoming almost mythical everyone's got a different name for it it's right in the heart of the city trying to show you around. i'm from moscow a city of. more than ten million people and i cannot believe how the world cup was
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able to retrieve all the map of landmarks in the city if you thought it was the kremlin possibly red square or the arbat street i'll have to tell you that this time you're wrong where. are you going. to be. that good is going. to satisfy the french where will the top of the box because political economy got on it was funny guy. like feel free the streets and the like someone i don't know on him you know you the man i know said joe joe. so how do you find this street with the line i'll show you. now trust me you will see us when we get. this very tempting to stay on the right square but here we have to make a life. to
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. make clothes for the street lights. see here full scan there are no empty spaces on the walls and fences. today this sounds like nonsense but actually you can get street. it was
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hard for all of them are. not. ok let's bring you a score. fifty seven minutes played is still france warm for uno. made friends who go through crushing out the south americans about an hour to save themselves in the world cup if you wonder what the visa case that's peter schmeichel in show music you like to set the mood for him for a big entrance will be here at nine o'clock as we look ahead to contain
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a message. in a world of big news. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight. the middle for the truth the
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time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. with your make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. with the famous merry go round be the one percent. nor middle of the room. in the real news room. i was called in by the r.t. new center with more of our world headlines for you first off the nato secretary general is warning that political disputes and infighting risk tearing the
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international military alliance apart but speaking in london jens stoltenberg did insist that preserving nato is in the interests of its twenty nine member states these disagreements are real it is not written in storm that the transatlantic bone will survive for ever. but i believe we will. now those comments and stoltenberg call for unity come ahead of next month's nato summit which will be attended by donald trump he's been a frequent critic of the alliance and it's feared that the meetings could inflame the tensions between washington and its partners and some of the key points of contention over trade attitudes towards climate change and the future of the iran nuclear deal of the nato chiefs also said that he believes that within europe the e.u. has political orientation and shifting values could have a negative impact on the strength of the alliance despite the divisions though political analyst chris bambery told me that he thinks nato is rolling containing russia is enough to ensure it survives. this is not
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a defensive alliance anymore it's very much an offensive lines particularly in regards to the russian federation because of the expansion russia's russian federation's borders the possibility of ukraine joining nato it's effectively part of that or an alliance know the presence of nato forces in eastern europe the buildup of nato bases right on the southern as well as the western border of the russian federation this is a very dangerous game i think it's who will survive on the balance because for the united states nato expansion to virtuous arone the russian federation has been very important and the been nato presence has been built up in russia's borders so for that at least they're going to they want to keep nato. ok back to the world cup now and away from the jubilance and festivities there have been a few dark moments and fortunately british police have opened an investigation into a group of england fans who were allegedly seen giving nazi salutes in one of the
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host cities live to london now our correspondent and associate can is there. what we know at this point. well call and that indeed quite an unfortunate incident seems to have unraveled in one of the host cities of the world cup in volgograd where english fans were captured giving nazi salutes singing hitler songs as well as shouting nazi slogans and this is now being looked into now it's understood that this unraveled following the england tunisia game where england beat an easy out to two one and these chants were reportedly addressed at rivaling top football club fans and the staff at this bar where this took place apparently have confirmed that english fans were in there they said they missed this moment because they were closing the bar up at that point and we do know that british officials are indeed investigating what unraveled there we have heard from the national police chief's council in a statement to us they said that this is a point behavior seen in video is completely on except. and will not be tolerated
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they have said they're working to identify those involved and we've also heard from the english football association of also said we strongly condemn this kind of behavior and are working to take appropriate action. if you so unfortunate but if so you know undermining the tone of the rest of the tournament ok for that update i must assume in london thank you very much. how the white house has announced that the u.s. national security advisor john bolton will travel to moscow next week to discuss a potential meeting between donald trump. is in the studio with me to tell us a bit more either right that so this is a new development because we've been talking about this all day what we know now when it was all rumors up to this point but now john bolton has confirmed that he will be coming over to europe first perhaps symbolically to meet with european allies nato allies organizing the summit next month but then he'll be traveling to moscow now this is john bolton we're talking about one of the most hawkish and
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militants u.s. officials and national security advisor for donald trump he'll be organizing the details of and again this is a potential this isn't set in stone yet potential meeting between the mere putin and donald trump the leaders of the united states and russia two nuclear superpowers and you know the time the time is now there's a lot to talk about this terrorism is syria you create the united states has concerns about the poisoning of a former russian agent in britain and of course alleged russian meddling in the u.s. election so they'll be a lot of you know frank discussion i'm sure behind closed doors but the media has been well it hasn't received the news as well you would have thought that you know these two countries meeting at last now that relations are. rock bottom
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arguably worse than they were during the cold war you could argue that you know that makes the world a better safer place but pundits have gone into meltdown now that you know any meeting with the russians will cause. in europe and among allies in the west that there shouldn't be any contact at all they also said that if donald trump first goose to russia to meet with putin instead of first going to the summit in europe the nato summit that will send all the wrong messages to already jittery european allies so if this meeting is indeed confirmed we can expect a firestorm among pundits oh yes. but a couple of hours ago i can feel those headlines wrapping up again already or rather for that right thanks very much well that's the way it looks for now neil harvey has got your next world cup update and some pain in thirty five minutes from
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now with details on reaction to today's two remaining games this is r.t. international thanks for watching. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you. stock market manipulation by insiders. bet it by regulators like to say all the f.c.c. is doing here is see what you can look up on urban dictionary what that means all they're trying to do is cover their tracks so that when the lawsuits happen they can say oh we were aware of it we warned against it we're on top of it but they are aiding and abetting the regulators or capture the regulators or venal the regulators to pay off.
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to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want. to going to be close to what before three of the more people. i'm interested in the last. readings in salutation. more than words it's ones actions that truly define who they are and what lies at the center of their soul this is true for individuals as well as nation. and what it burst i thought was a brilliant bit of self referential soul searching by us ambassador nikki haley in
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on the and the united states' role in the un human rights council human rights abusers continue to serve on and be elected to the council the world's most inhumane regimes continue to skate scrutiny and the council continues to politicizing and scapegoating of countries which positive human rights records in an attempt to distract from the users and their ranks sounds like soul searching but it turned out to just be her just remake you now saying that the united states would no longer be a part of the usa human rights quote therefore as we said we would do a year ago if we did not see any progress the united states is officially withdrawing from the un human rights council. yes in the equal parts shocking ironic tragic ill timed and ultimately. not that surprising turn given our track record and friendships around the world the united states will no longer be sitting
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in on human rights meetings at the united nations this move comes of course during a time in which the world has been watching our fumbling president to have political parties allow abusive gungho mall cops and border security costumes rip apart families at our southern border they allow our supposed allies use our hardware and logistics to bomb humanitarian hospitals and starving people in yemen all while we defend our best as body as army shoots dead on armed protesters journalists and medics along the israel gaza border and human rights is something we believe in needless to say many were not pleased with this move by the united states abby maximun president of oxfam america called the move short sighted and representative barbara lead a democrat out of california told the media quote this decision serves no purpose other than to weaken our leadership on the world stage and isolate us from our allies but is this move so bad and disgraceful. let's find out by watching the
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whole. you don't want to deal with the. real that would. be the plot of. the day like you know i got. the. rug a little in the water the harks i am tyrrel but for and on top of the lists slipped out. what are your thoughts on the united states leaving the un human rights council is that it is terrible and disgusting as a lot of people are making it out to be oh. no i think it's better of. making hey we in this entire administration not have anything to do with the human rights
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council i would like them to just stay away from the united nations and how this is not a perfect organization but it came out of you know stopping nazi is zero and working together and the truth is all nikki haley has done the entire time this is there is grandstand about israel which if you're going to run for president eventually is probably a good idea because it makes sure the big donors are there i mean she had one reason one reason only for her to stand up there and talk about all the abuse human rights abusers please we were you know the president was yucking up to some of those human rights abusers in saudi arabia with glowing bowls and plans about all these wonderful things are going to saudi arabia women can drive cars you know it's ok they're totally their records. told the rest everything else oh yeah that would be had a new ball totally fun they could they can drive if they have a permit i've been so sure that's ok but also you know now you know and when i look at there's.


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